“Thinking About…”

“Thinking About…”

We have a fantastic set of resources for your church, entitled “Thinking About…”

Science raises some issues that the church can find difficult or ill-equipped to address. Christians in Science have produced a series of introductory leaflets on these topics that are written by Christians who are professional scientists. They are specifically designed to help Christians that do not have a scientific background understand better the relevant science, and any issues that it presents for the Christian.

Each leaflet outlines the basic science behind the topic, how it relates to the Christian (biblical) understanding of the world and suggests some other resources for those who want to take it further.

Currently we have 16 titles in the “Thinking About…” series listed below. These are available to view online,  or download as PDFs. Alternatively email Abigail, our Development Officer, do.cis (at) outlook.com to order free copies!

A small sample of the titles:-

Although these resources are available to download free of charge, we would welcome a small donation to cover our costs and support the developing work of CiS. Please click this link to make a donation.