The Search is on ……….

The Search is on ……….

We are looking for photos, stories, press cuttings from the  history of CiS

Wanted as soon as possible please – Past items of CiS/RSCF people and events.

During the Autumn conference we wish to celebrate our history. We are gathering photos, your stories and articles in the press or church magazines. Do you have a story, old photos or items from – 10, 20, 30 or 40+ years ago?

Gathering your memories – please email them to keeping to no more than approx. 700 words per memory of a person or event. (Colin’s article is approx. 350 words.)

Secondly photos and press items – could we have a digital copy please?

If already a digital file, please email the original file size. If you have printed photos or articles, could you please scan them?

To be able to reproduce photos for people to view at the conference, please scan with the DPI (dots per inch) setting between 600 to 1,200 if a very small photo. We really need Hi resolution files, to be able to print.

Friends or family may be able to help you with the scanning. If you can not arrange to scan, please email the details about the photo and/or press article and we may ask you to post them to us. (These will be returned.)

If anyone can help with this Celebration project by scanning, please email and include your home address. We hope a few people will help to share the workload.

When you have a digital copy, please email one image at a time to with the following details:-

When – Year please (month and date if possible but definitely the year, even if approx i.e. 1975 or 76)

Where – the photo was taken or the article was printed

Who – is included in the photo – as many names as possible. You may not remember every name, but over time others may.

Other – Any other relevant detail?

For example:

When: 2014 – summer

Where: New Wine – Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet

Who: Emily Sturgess (CiS Development Officer) with Neil Laing (from Bristol local group) at New Wine week two.

Other: The CiS stand in the New Wine Market Place