Thinking About…

CiS have published a set of resources for non-scientist Christians, to help address issues of science and faith, giving the reader a background for when they are “Thinking About…” particular science-faith topics.

To order copies of these leaflets for your church for free, please email the Development Officer  (We aim to supply these free of charge, but if you can make a donation towards the postage and / or printing would be appreciated.)


“The need for clear, concise communication about issues in science and religion is more pressing than ever given the prevailing caricatures which are so prevalent in the media. The production of well-informed brief leaflets addressed to all members of church congregations, including the self-professed non-scientific people, is a very helpful step in this vital process.”

– Rt Revd Dr Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston (Honorary research Fellow, King’s College London; Whitelands Professorial Fellow in Christian Theology and Contemporary Issues, University of Roehampton)

Christians in Science have produced a first class series of resources, helping the church think more deeply about the interaction between faith and scientific discovery. These contributions are short and punchy, yet at the same time thoughtful and excellent introductions to various themes in this important area.

– Rt Rev Dr Graham Tomlin, Dean, St Melitus’ College

Each leaflet outlines the basic science behind the topic, how it relates to the Christian (biblical) understanding of the world and suggests some other resources for those who want to take it further. Titles include:

Big Bang bioethics creation careevolution fine tuning Genes and Embryos

GM Hist recep of Evo Human Enhancement

Interpreting Genesis Miracles Natural Disasters

Neuroscience Sci & Apol Sci as Xian voc Stem Cells

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