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We’re really excited about the new CiS app (get the app!), and wanted to show you all its excellent features so you know how to get the most out of it. The following information was published in a series of Facebook posts that you can find on our page, during our app launch…

All these screen shots are taken from an Android-running tablet – phones and iPads may format a little differently…! You can enlarge each image by clicking on it.

  1. Here on the home page are your first go-to links – you can email the Development Officer directly, find our Facebook and Twitter pages, view a map of the local groups (coming up shortly!), go to our giving page and donate to the work of CiS, and read more about CiS and who we are, in our newly-designed ‘About CiS’ PDF.
  2. Here on the interactive map you can see where the nearest CiS groups are to you. Click on the pin to find out more details of the group – and then head to the Local Groups tab to get more details of upcoming events, and contact details for the group leaders!
  3. Here you can see the Local Groups tabs – here listed are all the local or student groups you can get involved with! Tap on one of the groups to get full information about the group, who to contact, past talks that have been recorded, and a list of their upcoming events, which you can add directly to your phone calendar.
    Screenshot_2016-02-18-11-22-14_resized Screenshot_2016-02-18-11-22-26_resized
  4. In the resources tab, all the media are divided up by theme (shown), media type (videos, talks and PDFs) or series (Thinking About…, Being a Christian in…, Conferences, etc.)Hopefully this dividing up of media will mean you can access whatever you’re trying to find in the easiest way!
  5. Within each theme, you can find talks, videos, articles and blogs about the subject matter – so if there’s a particular subject you want to investigate this is the way to find your resources!
  6. In the resources tab you can search by series: why not check out the redesigns of our excellent series ‘Being a Christian In…’. Written by a student and professional in each field, these PDF leaflets are a brilliant encouragement for anyone studying or working in the sciences.
  7. We also have a selection of videos of CiS talks that you can watch within the app: and if you like them, share them on Facebook, Twitter, via email…
  8. You can search for past talks either by their day-event (eg. past conferences), by their location (local group talks listed within the local group tab), or by theme (within the resources theme tab).The audio player allows you to catch up on talks and discussions on the go – and will keep playing in the background when you close the app to do other things, so you can take notes, tweet, (check Instagram…!) or simply put your phone back in your pocket and save some battery! And if you haven’t got time to listen to the whole thing now, simply pause it, and you can pick up where you left off later on.
    Screenshot_2016-02-18-11-31-32_resized Screenshot_2016-02-18-11-31-57_resized
  9. In the events tab you can find all of the upcoming CiS events around the UK, organised by date. To see specifically what’s happening near you, look at the local events in each local group’s page.Screenshot_2016-02-18-11-23-28_resized
  10. And finally, the CiS app has a direct link to the CiS Forum. Here you can sign in and chat about all things science and faith, whether it’s something you’ve just read or listened to, an event you’ve just been to, or something you’ve been mulling over for a while. Join the CiS community and have a chat!


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