The Universe



  • Habitable exoplanets: the implications for human significance
    A talk given by Dr Jennifer Wiseman at the CiS Residential Conference
    Audio of lecture (mp3 9.1MB)
  • Astronomy and the truth of the Gospels: what happened at Easter?
    A talk given by Professor Sir Colin Humphreys at the CiS Residential Conference
    Audio of the lecture (mp3 6.9MB)
  • God, the Big Bang, and the finely-tuned universe
    A talk given by Rev Dr Rodney Holderat the CiS Residential Conference
    Audio of lecture (mp3 7.5MB)
  • God and the Multiverse: A Response to Stephen Hawking
    A talk given by Revd Dr Rodney Holder at the Pentecost Festival 2011.
    Audio of lecture (mp3, 38 MB), Slides from lecture (pdf, 733 KB)
  • Cosmology and God
    A lecture given by Sir John Polkinghorne FRS at the CiS Central South local group on 9th May 2007.
    Audio of lecture (MP3, 12.9MB)Audio of Q&A session (MP3, 13.4MB)Video of lecture (MP4, 106MB)
  • How I Learnt To Stop Worrying… And Love The Alien
    A talk given by Gavin Merrifield (University of Edinburgh) at the CiS 2011 Northern Conference
    Audio of lecture (mp3, 10.6 MB)Q + A (mp3, 2.21 MB)
  • A number of talks from the Faraday Institute’s Georges Lemaître Anniversary Conference are available to download from the Faraday Institute website.
    This conference celebrated the 80th anniversary of Georges Lemaître’s papers on the “primeval atom” model of the universe, which became known as the “Big Bang theory”.  These talks touch on the life and work of Lemaître and the philosophical and theological implications of the Big Bang theory.