Manchester previous events

November 2019
Plastic Waste – The science and the theology
Prof Peter Budd – click here for transcript

May 2019
God, Science and Curriculum
Hannah Malcolm

March 2019
Has Science killed God?
Dr Denis Alexander

May 2018
Certain truth or silly nonsense: Why do PERCEPTIONS differ?
Prof Peter M. Budd (Click here for pdf)

Nov 2017
How do Science and the Kingdom of God interact – and what does that mean for us?
Michael Vine (Click here for slides)

May 2017
The Interstellar Church of Tomorrow
Dr Gavin Merrifield (Click here for slides)

March 2017
Stubborn Scientists
Prof Peter Budd (Click here for transcript and slides)

May 2016
Evolution and Creation What’s all the fuss about?
Prof Peter Budd, (Professor of Polymer Chemistry, University of Manchester). (Click here for transcript and slides)

March 2016
Can a scientist believe in heaven and angels? 
Prof David Watts (University of Manchester). (Click here for slides)

November 2015
Is Faith Delusion?

Prof Andrew Sims (Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Leeds and Past President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists) (Click here for slides)

March 2015
Can we be sure? Limits of Confidence in Science and Faith

Prof Peter Budd  (Click here for slides)

May 2014
Making Sense of Jesus’ miracles
Dr Henk Alting (Click here for slides )

March 2014
The Laws of Physics and the Reliability of God
Prof David Watts (University of Manchester) (Click here for slides )

Dec 4th 2013
Does God play dice?
Prof Peter Budd (Click here for slides)

May 8th 2013
Is God interested in the human heart?
Dr Philip Lewis (click here for slides)

Feb 15th 2013
When is a Day not a Day? Genesis 1 and geological time
Prof Peter Budd (click here for slides and transcript)

November 21st 2012
Has Science Done Away With God? 
Prof David Watts (click here for slides)

May 10th 2012
A Christian Perspective on Stem Cell Biology
Prof Sue Kimber (click here for slides)

March 7th 2012
I believe in miracles – is the Bible credible?
Rev John Allister (click here for slides)

Dec 7th 2011
The Star of Bethlehem: The Myth and the Reality
Prof David Watts (click here for slides)

October 2011
William Lane Craig debates Peter Atkins
A video of the debate can be found here 

October 5th 2011
If God is Good Why is There So Much Suffering?
Professor Peter Budd (click here for transcript)

May 11th, 2011
Is God an Environmentalist?
Professor J Michael Davies (click here for slides)

March 2nd, 2011
Can a scientist believe in God?
Prof. Peter Budd (click here for his slides)
Prof. David Watts (click here for a summary)