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We have a fantastic set of resources for your churches, entitled “Thinking About…”

Science raises some issues that the church can find difficult or ill-equipped to address. Christians in Science have produced a series of introductory leaflets on these topics that are written by Christians who are professional scientists. They are specifically designed to help Christians that do not have a scientific background understand better the relevant science, and any issues that it presents for the Christian.

Each leaflet outlines the basic science behind the topic, how it relates to the Christian (biblical) understanding of the world and suggests some other resources for those who want to take it further. Titles include:



  • Science and Faith: conflict or harmony?
    A lecture given by Michael Poole at the CiS Birmingham local group meeting on 27th January, 2014.
    Audio (mp3, 24.4 MB)
  • Science and the Christian faith: seeing the big picture
    A lecture given by Professor Alister McGrath at the 2012 CiS Residential Conference
    Audio (mp3 10.2MB)
  • Secular mythology about Christianity and science
    A lecture given by Dr Allan Chapman at the 2012 CiS Residential Conference
    Audio (mp3 7.6MB)
  • Science and the imagination
    A lecture given by Dr Mike Clifford at the 2012 CiS Residential Conference
    Audio (mp3 7.8MB)
  • How scientists view religion and ethics
    A lecture given by Dr Elaine Howard Ecklund at the 2012 CiS Residential Conference
    Audio (mp3 9.0MB)
  • “Beyond Belief? Science & Religion in the 21st Century” – Dr. Denis Alexander speaks at the Central South CiS group on 9th May 2006
    Audio of lecture (MP3, 11.2Mb)
  • ‘Science and Faith at War: myths and fables, old and new’ lecture by Prof Colin Russell – given on 18th November 2008 at CiS Central South local group
    Audio (mp3, 11MB), Video (mp4, 125MB)
  • Can Scientists Believe in Miracles? CiS northern conference 2008. Audio files of lectures can be found here
  • Listening Towords
    The science and religion section of a collection of lectures. Many presented by CiS members or speakers from The Faraday Institute, and others that may be of interest.
  • Radio Interview with Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne KBE FRS. John Polkinghorne discusses how he applies the deepest insights of modern physics to think about how the world fundamentally works, and how the universe might make space for prayer.
  • The Faraday Institute Multimedia Page
    A vast collection of lectures from The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion


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