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Christians believe that God created the world. In that sense, they are all “creationists”. However, the word “creationist” has taken on a different meaning in the last few decades and now generally refers to people who argue against the scientific consensus that the world is several billion years old and that biological complexity emerged through evolutionary mechanisms. Advocates of this stance often refer to their views as “Young Earth Creation Science” (YECS).

YECS is very controversial, both amongst Christians as well as amongst the general public. On this page we list a selection of the ever expanding number of sites, both pro and contra, devoted in one way or another to YECS. Most groups are US based, but there is also an important Australian influence. It would be a near impossible task to include them all, but we have tried to be as complete as possible in our listing of British YECS groups. We also include a few links on intelligent design (ID), which is rapidly growing in popularity amongst the same constituency that supports YECS.

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Young Earth Creationism (YECS)

UK based YECS sites

Large YECS groups/websites :

YEC Sites From Other Countries

Anti-YECS sites

Non-Christian Anti-YECS sites

  • Was Darwin wrong? An extensive (and sometimes fairly thoughtful) site defending Darwinism. Has interesting book reviews

Christian anti-YECS sites

I haven’t come across any Christian sites that counter YECS claims point by point like Talk.Origins does on its index to creationist claims page.  However, there are a few sites that do explicitly discuss some YECS claims:

  • Christians in Science(CiS) The membership of CiS holds diverse opinions on YECS. However, it is probably fair to say that the dominant opinion reflects that of most Christians active in academic science or theology, who would not support YECS, and may even consider it to be damaging to the cause of the Gospel. These ideas are reflected, for example, in the following
  • Dinosaurs and the Bible From the popular publishers of the “Our Daily Bread” devotional –whose audience has a large proportion of YECS — an attempt to pitch a larger tent for Christian thinking about origins.

Christian Old-Earth sites

The strong reaction from YECS shows that this issue is crucial

Intelligent Design (ID)

Pro Intelligent Design

Anti Intelligent Design

Other lists and general evolution/creation sites

Other pages with useful lists of resources