We have a whole host of resources on our website for you to explore. Some are listed below, and those which are subject specific are listed by subject down the right hand side of the page. Unless stated otherwise, all resources are free to view.

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“Thinking About…”

CiS have published a new set of resources for non-scientist Christians, to help address issues of science and faith. See all sixteen titles.

“Being a Christian In…”

The “Being a Christian in…” series is written by students and professionals in collaboration to consider what it’s like to be a Christian in different scientific fields. Written with a student audience in mind, these resources are a useful encouragement to anyone considering what it is to be a Christian in their field.


PréCiS is the quarterly CiS newsletter. To preview or download previous editions of PreCiS please click here

Christians in Science  brochure

For information about Christians in Science as an organisation, you can view our brochure. If you would like print copies of this brochure for your local group, church or event, please contact us at maryb.cis (at) for details.

Science and Christian Belief

Science and Christian Belief is a professional journal, founded in 1989, concerned with the interactions of science and religion, and is sponsored by Christians in Science and the Victoria Institute. (​Faith and Thought is the working name of the Victoria Institute)

The journal is published twice a year and is made available free of charge to all our members as an integral part of membership. Full details are on the Science and Christian Belief web site.

CiS sister organisations

CiS has a number of sister organisations around the world.  Links to their pages and resources – please click here

God and Nature

This new online magazine is a collaboration between CiS and our American sister organisation, the ASA. The magazine features a broad range of content with essays, poetry, cartoons, feature articles, stories, and more about the intersection of science and faith. View God and Nature.

Engineering Resources

To view all Engineering Resources, please click here

Online articles, multimedia and links

We have a growing number of online articles, talks and links on a wide variety of topics. To browse these by topic please click here or use the topic links on the right.

Also consider browsing through our Past Conferences and Local Groups sections for slides, transcripts and recordings of talks from previous CiS events.

Dr Oliver Barclay

Dr Oliver Barclay was a co-founder of Christians in Science (formerly the Research Scientists Christian Fellowship) and the journal Science and Christian Belief.

To listen to a Thanksgiving service for Dr Oliver Barclay click here or to read The Times Obituary for Dr Oliver Barclay (published Friday 4th October, 2013) click here.

Recommended non-CiS links

  • The BioLogos forum is an American organisation founded by Francis Collins specifically to distribute resources on science and faith.
  • Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS), based at St John’s College, Durham University, with team members located at York University and Church House, London, ECLAS seeks to resource senior church leaders in their engagement with science.
  • The Faraday Institute, based at Westminster College Cambridge, is closely linked to CiS and has a huge range of lectures, material for churches and other resources.
  • God and the Big Bang wants to encourage everyone to get excited about tackling the all-important questions about life, the universe and everything, so we seek to equip people with the resources and experiences they need in order to get thinking!
  • Revd Dr John Polkinghorne’s Q&A page John Polkinghorne tackles his most frequently asked questions.
  • Science and Religion Forum (SRF) “Promotes discussion between scientific understanding and religious thought”
  • Test of FAITH Introductory resources from The Faraday Institute on science and faith.
  • Transform Work UK An organisation aiming to encourage and equip Christians in the workplace through Christian Professional and Sector Groups, and Christian Workplace Groups.