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Full members: Christians with a scientific training or interest in science who affirm the membership declaration.

  • I declare my belief in the triune God as creator and sustainer of the universe, and my faith in Jesus as Saviour, Lord of all and God.
  • I acknowledge the Bible as the Word of God and its final authority in matters of faith and conduct.
  • As a steward of God's world I accept my responsibility to encourage the use of science and technology for the good of humanity and the environment.
  • I agree with the aims of Christians in Science.

Associate members: individuals who do not wish to affirm the membership declaration, but who do wish to receive Science and Christian Belief and other CiS literature. There will be an opportunity to choose associate membership on the next page of the application form.

The annual subscription is determined by the type of membership, journal format and where you live. Please select the appropriate options below. The total cost of membership is displayed at the bottom.

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Standard membership (full, associate, joint)

Do you want to take out a five year subscription? The cost of membership will be five times the total cost of annual membership.

NB two or more standard rate members sharing the same address may choose to receive a single copy of the Journal and other mailings, and pay only a single subscription.

Graduate membership - those who have graduated (first or post-grad degree) within the last two years.

Student membership - individuals studying science or with an interest in science (school or university students engaged in full-time study).

Free student membership - available for one year, for all Christian students studying science or with an interest in science (school or post/undergraduate university students engaged in full-time study). Online journals and newsletters only.

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Option 3: BOTH online and paper journal

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