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CiS Ireland brings together those with an interest in science and faith on the island of Ireland. We hold regular meetings, including the God and Science Lectures in various locations in Ireland, and our meetings are open to all who have a genuine interest in science-faith issues. We also organise the annual E.T.S. Walton Lecture on Science and Religion.

Events on Christianity and Climate Change

We need Prayer, a Real Change and A New Way of Living

Sunday 5 September: Nations' Climate Sunday Service: Churches Prepare for COP26.

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Churches respond to the climate and ecological crisis

Churches in Craigavon are preparing for the global climate conference in Glasgow, the COP26, by launching an online training course on Christians and Climate Change. The training course features Professor Katharine Hayhoe, one of the worldís top climate scientists, and was developed by Tearfund.
Launch on Saturday 18 Sept. / 4 on-line sesions on Tuesdays / Closing event on Saturday 30 Oct.

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The Climate Crisis: A Christian Response

This is the Christians in Science Annual Autumn Conference, held on Saturday 16 October 2021. Speakers: Dr Euan Nisbet, Dr Ruth Valerio, Hannah Malcolm, and Dr Meric Srokosz.

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