The Worcester-based Bible and Science group has been meeting together to discuss the relationship between science and Christianity for some time, and we are delighted that the group has affiliated with CiS as a local group. Details about the group and their upcoming events can be found here.

All are welcome – entry, parking and refreshments are free, although we suggest a donation of £3, to cover expenses. For more information please contact Jim Smith on  [email protected]

Upcoming Events



Previous Events

November 2018
“Possible roles for technology in alleviating poverty in world conflict and post-conflict zones”
Prof Paul Jackson

March 2018
“When the Mind Malfunctions”
Professor John Gallacher

March 2017
“Is evolution cruel?”
Dr Chris Southgate

February 2017
“Rise of the Intelligent Machines – Friend or Foe?”
Dr Kim Stansfield

November 2016
“Children are the Future: Science, Faith and Youth”
Lizzie Henderson

October 2016
“The Wonders of the Living World: Biology, Belief, and the Search for Meaning and Purpose in the Universe.”
Dr Ruth Bancewicz

September 2016
“Future Challenges” – A video-based discussion session chaired by Jim Smith
Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Future Clean Energy Supply Requirements present two significant challenges  for humanity. How do we make the  relevant judgements and how does our faith speak to us about these things?

March 2016
The Future of Marriage
Philippa Taylor, who works with the Care Trust, is head of public policy at the Christian Medical Fellowship, and has an MBA in Bioethics – a social science and biblical perspective.

February 2016
Creation of The Universe and Its Biblical Description
Dr. Mathew Clark – the origins and development of the physical universe as understood by scientists, and comparisons with the biblical account of how humanity began.

January 2016
The Changing Debate Between Science and Religion
Professor John Hedley Brooke – how the debate has changed and developed throughout history.

November 2015
“Assisted Suicide – do hard cases really make poor law?”
Professor John Wyatt, who until recently was Professor of Ethics and Perinatology at University College London, and is also the author of “Matters of Life and Death” (IVP).