Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath is a local group, on the border between the three counties of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Steph, our Development Officer – [email protected]

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Previous Events

February 2019
Chaos, Chance and the Character of God
Speaker: Professor Paul Ewart

October 2018
Bioethics and Genetic Modification
Speaker: Professor John Bryant

Feb 2018 – one day workshop
“Get Thinking – Explore the interaction of Science and Faith”
Held in conjunction with Faraday Institute of Science and Religion, Cambridge.

October 2017
God and the brain: what neuroscience can teach us about people and God
Speaker: Professor Alasdair Cole

June 2017
Can a Christian believe in Evolution? 
Speaker: Dr Denis Alexander

February 2017
Nanoscience: a new aspect of God’s creation
Speaker: Professor Russell Cowburn FRS. 

November 2016
Beginning Life in a Brave New World
Speaker : Professor John Wyatt

June 2016
Not the end of the world but …. A Christian perspective on climate change.
Speakers: Dr Martin Hodson and Revd Margot Hodson

February 2016
‘Genes and Identity’
The speaker: Professor Keith Fox

November 2015
The inaugural meeting of the Three Counties Borders group at St Peter’s Church, Frimley, where they welcomed Dr Rodney Holder, who spoke on ‘Big Bang, Big God: a Universe Designed for Life’.