To provide a forum for discussion of science and faith in Surrey, the Surrey chapter of Christians in Science aims to organize two or three public meetings per year, addressed by well-known / experienced speakers who are Christians and scientists, expressing their views on Science – Faith topics.  Please contact Joy Perkins on joyeperkins (at) for details about upcoming events in the area.  

Upcoming Events




Past Events

November 2019
Christian Reactions to the Ecological Emergency
Dr. Martin & Revd Margot Hodson

March 2019
Genes, Free Will & Human Identity
Prof Keith Fox

September, 2018
Can We Believe in Genesis Today?
Dr Ernest Lucas

April, 2018
Science and the Historicity of the Bible: Part 2 – The Long Day of Joshua, and The Resurrection
Prof Sir Colin Humphreys, CBE

Nov, 2017
Cosmology, Stephen Hawking and God
Rev’d Dr Rodney Holder

Aug, 2017
Science and the Historicity of the Bible : the Exodus, the Long Day of Joshua and the Resurrection
Prof Sir Colin Humphreys, CBE

April, 2017
Oceans, Climate Change and Christianity: God’s Story and the Earth’s Story
Prof Meric Srokosz

Nov, 2016
God and DNA
Professor Keith Fox 

Sept, 2016
Wonder in Nature – photography exhibition
Photos submitted by CiS members and local church members

April,  2016
Is Faith Delusion? Why Religion is good for your Health
Professor Andrew Sims

Who’s to blame? Disasters, Nature and Acts of God
Prof Bob White, University of Cambridge
January, 2015
Christ Church, Purley

Embryos, Genes & Cells: Issues at the Start of Life
Professor John Bryant, University of Exeter
May, 2014
Christ Church, Purley

Science & Faith Get Personal
Professor Bob Slade, Head of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Surrey, and Dr Rachelle Sanderson. Speakers explain how they integrate their science and Christianity.
Tuesday 11th June 2013
Christ Church Purley

A Question of Science & Faith
A Panel Discussion with Bishop Atkinson, Dr Ruth Bancewicz, Prof Bob Slade and Dr Russell Stannard.
Chaired by Prof. R.J. Berry.
Tuesday 20th November,
Christ Church Purley

Science and Faith – Friends or Foes
Revd Dr Rodney Holder, Course Director a The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
Tuesday 22nd November
Christ Church Purley

Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?
Dr. Denis Alexander, Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
Tuesday, 29th May
Christ Church Purley