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St Andrews

The University of St Andrews has both an undergraduate and a postgraduate CiS group. The undergraduate group meets up weekly during the semester and the postgraduate group meets up several times a semester to discuss the relationship between faith and science.

For more information about the undergraduate group, please contact Dr Andrew Torrance (abt3 (at) For more information about the postgraduate group, please contact Dr Rebecca Goss (rjmg (at)

We also hold the high-profile series of James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Christianity, in which world-class scholars come to St Andrews to present cutting-edge perspectives on the relationship of faith and science. For more information about these lectures (and for videos of past lectures), please visit For a list of future lectures, please visit

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Previous talks

October 2023
Can we Update Religion for the Anthropocene?
Speaker: Professor Philip Clayton

October 2019
Does Evolution Lead to Love?
Professor Jeff Schloss.

November 2018
Learning The Lessons of Quantum Mechanics
Revd Canon Joanna Penberthy

March 2018
Truth and Myth about Darwinism and Christianity
Prof John Hedley Brooke

October 2017
What Do Scientists Think about Religion?
Elaine Howard Ecklund

May 2017
Reflections on Christian-Muslim Relations
Prof Mona Siddiqui

February 2017
The Emergence of Life
Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS

November 2016
Theology, Spirituality and Hope: Reimagining Mental Health
Prof. John Swinton

April, 2016
Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life
Speaker: Dr Jennifer Wiseman Senior Physicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

March, 2016
Science and Faith: Conflict or Mutual Enrichment

Speaker: Alister McGrath