Science and Faith in Norfolk is the CiS group in the Norwich area. To contact please go to here , our Facebook page or the SFN Secretary on sfnorfolk1 (at)

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Previous Events:

September 2022
Professor Sir Colin Humphreys FRS – 14th Annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lecture 2022 – How can science fit with miracles? 

October 2021
Dr Justine Huxley – Climate and Conflict: Bridging our divisions for the sake of the Earth.

October 2021
Professor Meric Srokosz – The Ocean, Climate Change and Christianity: Blue Planet, Blue God

October 2021
Professor Cristobal Uauy – Climate and Food Security: How can we feed 10 billion people?

October 2021
Chine McDonald – Black Lives Matter Everywhere: Inequality, racial justice and climate change

September 2021
Nick Spencer – Dinosaurs, Evolution and Religion. (Annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lecture)

July 2021
Revd Dr Ernest Lucas – Evolution and Scripture

June 2021
Prof John Wyatt – Dying well: palliative care and the coronavirus pandemic

Jan 2021
Dr Denis Alexander – Evolution and the God of Love (A Science-Faith On-Line Lecture)

Nov 2020
Online – Science, Reason and Christian faith.
Revd. Dr Rodney Holder

June 2020
Online – Plagues and Pandemics: Perspectives from Science and Faith

May 2020
Online – What is Natural Law? How did human beings come to be moral beings?
Dr Peter Bussey

November 2019
Blue Planet, Blue God: The Ocean, Climate Change and Christianity
Meric Srokosz

October 2019
Science Faith Lecture – Who Controls the World;s Climate: God, Nature or People?
Professor Mike Hulme

June 2019
Children are the Future: Exploring Science and Faith with Young People
 Lizzie Henderson and Steph Bryant

March 2019
Biohacking: Gene editing and human dignity
Dr Alexander Massmann, Cambridge University, Faculty of Divinity.

November 2018
Memory, dementia and the spiritual self.  
Dr Sarah Housden, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences, UEA.

October 2018
10th Annual Science and Faith Cathedral Lecture
Professor John Wyatt, Professor of Ethics and Perinatology UCL and Senior Investigator, Faraday Institute, Cambridge.

June 2018
Conservation and hope for the Earth: A Christian understanding of planetary stewardship
Dr Jeremy Lindsell, Director of Science and Conservation, A Rocha.

March 2018
God in the Science Lab: curiosity, awe and the meaning of life.
Dr Ruth Bancewicz, a research scientist-turned-communicator from Cambridge.

November 2017
Caring for the weakest: Ethical challenges in managing sick and premature babies.
Dr Amanda Ogilvy-Stuart, Clinical Director of Rosie Hospital Cambridge and Senior Member of St Edmunds College Cambridge.

July 2017
Selfish Genes and Altruistic Animals: What can we learn about Ethics from Evolution?
Dr Peter Woodford (Dep Zoology, Cambridge)

March 2017
Can a scientist believe in Miracles?
Revd Dr Rodney Holder, (The Faraday Institute, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge)

Sept 2016
Quantum Spirituality – is there such a thing?
Dr Peter Bussey (University of Glasgow)

July 2016
Neuroscience and Freewill: studying an illusion?
Daniel De Haan, Cambridge Neuroscience/Theology Dept

May 2016
“Nanoscience: a new aspect of God’s creation”
Speaker: Professor Russell Cowburn

March 2016
“Evolution and Adam: Reality, Myth and Symbolism”
8th Annual Science Faith Lecture in Norwich Cathedral
Speaker: Dr Denis Alexander, Faraday Institute, Cambridge.

November 2015
“Are natural disasters acts of God?” 
Professor Bob White (Cambridge Geophysicist)