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Upcoming Events:

7th June 19:30 – 20:45
Dying well: palliative care and the coronavirus pandemic
Speaker: Professor John Wyatt (UCL and Faraday Institute for Science and Religion)

ZOOM talk and discussion. For the link to the meeting contact [email protected]

The catastrophic impact of Covid-19 has transformed human societies across the world. Its impact has been most brutal at life’s ending and we have had to endure digital goodbyes, solitary grieving and funerals with a handful of masked mourners unable to physically comfort one another.

The pandemic has created unimaginable challenges for doctors, nurses, carers and many other front-line workers who have been forced to deal with life and death issues far beyond their normal experience. They have had to fight the virus and its effects with limited time, knowledge and resources. And in doing so, they have often put at risk both their lives and those of their families. In these physically intense and emotionally bewildering times, what are the ethical guidelines for palliative care?

Professor John Wyatt will explore the ethical interface between medical science and Christian faith, with particular reference to the coronavirus pandemic. His talk will be suitable for a non-specialist audience and there will be an opportunity for some on-line discussion.

20th July 19:00 – 20:30
Evolution and Scripture
Speaker: The Revd Dr Ernest Lucas (Bristol Baptist College and Spurgeon’s College, London)
Norwich Cathedral Nave – Tickets (£5 each) can be booked via the online booking system on the Cathedral website.

Displaying the Natural History Museum’s Diplodocus skeleton in Norwich Cathedral Nave as the focus of the “Dippy on Tour” exhibition, invites questions such as: “How should we relate what we read in the Bible to current scientific knowledge?” “Is the process of evolution compatible with creation by God?” “Were the dinosaurs created by God or by evolution – or both?” Since Darwin published his theory, many Christian scholars have argued the compatibility and complementarity of Scripture and evolutionary science. However, if evolution explains human origin how then do we understand biblical teaching that humans are created in the image and likeness of God? St. Paul writes that death came into the world through one man’s, Adam’s, disobedience. What did he mean and how does this fit with the death of dinosaurs (and other now extinct species) before humans appeared on earth?

The appearance of Dippy the dinosaur in the cathedral leads us to ask some interesting and profound questions! In his talk, Ernest Lucas will explore such questions from a Biblical perspective. He holds doctorates in both chemistry and theology, so is well qualified to speak from the joint perspectives of science and faith.

21st September 19:00-20:30
Annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lecture
Dinosaurs, Evolution and Religion.
Speaker: Nick Spencer (Senior Fellow at Theos)
Norwich Cathedral Nave – Tickets (£5 each) can be booked via the online booking system on the Cathedral website.

In late summer the nave of Norwich Cathedral will be dominated by the huge skeleton of “Dippy” the Diplodocus, the centre piece of the Natural History Museum’s “Dippy on Tour” exhibition. This enormous dinosaur is just one, extremely large, example of the hundreds of thousands of fossils that chronicle the biological history of Earth over millions of years and the evolution of life upto the present day. Dippy’s presence in the cathedral is a provocation and an opportunity to explore the history of ideas linking dinosaurs, evolution and religion from the time of Charles Darwin up to the present day.

Nick Spencer is a distinguished theologian and historian of science.

The following talks coincide with the “Gaia Exhibition” 1st – 31st October, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, exploring climate change and its implications for faith communities.

12th October 19:30
Climate and Food Security: How can we feed 10 billion people?
Speaker: Professor Cristobal Uauy (John Innes Centre, Norwich)

20th October 19:30
Climate Crisis: one Earth, many possible futures.
Speaker: Professor Mike Hulme (Department of Human Geography, Cambridge University)

25th October 19:30
Climate and Conflict: Bridging our divisions for the sake of the Earth.
Speaker: Dr Justine Huxley (St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, London). This talk will coincide with the start of Norwich Science Week.

Previous Events:

Jan 2021
Dr Denis Alexander – Evolution and the God of Love (A Science-Faith On-Line Lecture)

Nov 2020
Online – Science, Reason and Christian faith.
Revd. Dr Rodney Holder

June 2020
Online – Plagues and Pandemics: Perspectives from Science and Faith

May 2020
Online – What is Natural Law? How did human beings come to be moral beings?
Dr Peter Bussey

November 2019
Blue Planet, Blue God: The Ocean, Climate Change and Christianity
Meric Srokosz

October 2019
Science Faith Lecture – Who Controls the World;s Climate: God, Nature or People?
Professor Mike Hulme

June 2019
Children are the Future: Exploring Science and Faith with Young People
 Lizzie Henderson and Steph Bryant

March 2019
Biohacking: Gene editing and human dignity
Dr Alexander Massmann, Cambridge University, Faculty of Divinity.

November 2018
Memory, dementia and the spiritual self.  
Dr Sarah Housden, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences, UEA.

October 2018
10th Annual Science and Faith Cathedral Lecture
Professor John Wyatt, Professor of Ethics and Perinatology UCL and Senior Investigator, Faraday Institute, Cambridge.

June 2018
Conservation and hope for the Earth: A Christian understanding of planetary stewardship
Dr Jeremy Lindsell, Director of Science and Conservation, A Rocha.

March 2018
God in the Science Lab: curiosity, awe and the meaning of life.
Dr Ruth Bancewicz, a research scientist-turned-communicator from Cambridge.

November 2017
Caring for the weakest: Ethical challenges in managing sick and premature babies.
Dr Amanda Ogilvy-Stuart, Clinical Director of Rosie Hospital Cambridge and Senior Member of St Edmunds College Cambridge.

July 2017
Selfish Genes and Altruistic Animals: What can we learn about Ethics from Evolution?
Dr Peter Woodford (Dep Zoology, Cambridge)

March 2017
Can a scientist believe in Miracles?
Revd Dr Rodney Holder, (The Faraday Institute, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge)

Sept 2016
Quantum Spirituality – is there such a thing?
Dr Peter Bussey (University of Glasgow)

July 2016
Neuroscience and Freewill: studying an illusion?
Daniel De Haan, Cambridge Neuroscience/Theology Dept

May 2016
“Nanoscience: a new aspect of God’s creation”
Speaker: Professor Russell Cowburn

March 2016
“Evolution and Adam: Reality, Myth and Symbolism”
8th Annual Science Faith Lecture in Norwich Cathedral
Speaker: Dr Denis Alexander, Faraday Institute, Cambridge.

November 2015
“Are natural disasters acts of God?” 
Professor Bob White (Cambridge Geophysicist)