We need someone, or a couple of people, to take on the role of organizing the local meetings for CiS Leeds. Please contact our Development Officer to discuss.

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Previous Talks:

Nothing but Atoms and Molecules?
January  2017
Speaker:  Rev Dr Rodney Holder, St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge.

Wonders of the Living World: Biology, Belief, and the search  for Meaning and purpose in the Universe
September 2016
Speaker:  Ruth Bancewicz, Faraday Institute, University of Cambridge.

The Absurdity of Natural Disasters: a scientific and theological perspective.
February 2016

Adventures in Energy: Insulating our House – Talk and demonstration about house insolation and keeping warm in winter.
December 2015

Creation Care: Gospel Mandate or Irritating Irrelevance?
November 2015
Speaker: Professor Sam Berry, Biology Department, University College London

When Science becomes Controversial: Fracking and Fuel security, GM crops and feeding the world
March 2015
Speaker: Rev Dr John Weaver

Hawking, Dawkins and God: Science and Religion in the Media
February 2015
Speaker: Rev Prof David Wilkinson, University of Durham

Big Bang, Big God
September, 2014
Rev Dr Rodney Holder, The Faraday Institute, Cambridge

Faith and Wisdom in Science
May, 2014
Prof Tom McLeish, University of Durham

Research into defeating Alzheimer’s Disease
April, 2014
Prof Nigel Hooper, Leeds University

Oceans, climate change and Christianity:  God’s story and the Earth’s story
June 2011
Speaker – Professor Meric Srokosz

If Evolution is True, What Hope for Christianity
January 2013
Speaker: Professor Simon Conway Morris FRS, Professor of Palaeobiology, Cambridge University

God and the Multiverse: A Response to Stephen Hawking
May 2011
Speaker:  Revd Dr Rodney Holder, Couser Director, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.

DNA and God
October  2011
Speaker: Keith R. Fox, CiS Chair, Professor of Biochemistry and Director of Programmes at the Centre for Biological Sciences, University of Southampton.

Genesis 1-3
November, 2011
Speaker: Revd Dr Ernest C. Lucas, Vice-Principal and Tutor in Biblical Studies, Bristol Baptist College

Sustainability in Crisis
January, 2012
Two films of speakers from the Cambridge Sustainability in Crisis Conference (Sept 2011)

GM Crops – What’s Your Problem?
November, 2012
Speaker: Professor John Bryant, Emeritus Professor of Bioethics at Exeter University