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Thank you for considering giving towards the work of Christians in Science (CiS).

Why should you give? 

Science exerts a major influence on so many aspects of our lives, from the technologies and medicines that we have come to rely on to the way we think about the world, and it is important that churches recognise this and embrace the opportunities this provides. We are particularly keen to help Christians understand that science is not a threat but rather an ally in pointing people towards the creator God who in Jesus revealed himself in human form. We will continue to develop this work through the provision of appropriate resources, speakers and the establishment of more local CiS groups.

However, over the next few years, with the help of a three year grant from the Templeton Religion Trust we will be putting a particular emphasis on our work with university students and early career scientists. It is such people who will become the next generation of Christians in the sciences including those who will become the future writers, speakers and policy makers that engage with emerging areas at the interface of science and religion.

We believe CiS has an important role to play in supporting, equipping and training such people through these formative years which can be challenging for scientists who are Christians. Not only are the demands of a scientific career great, but the environment can be apathetic, antagonistic, or even hostile, to religion.

How will your donation help? 

CiS is developing ways to help students and early career scientists who are Christians to maintain and grow their faith whilst engaging effectively with emerging areas at the interface of science and religion. To this end, working with student Christian bodies such as Christian Unions and student focused churches will be establishing student CiS groups in the major university cities. We will also be setting up a mentoring scheme for early career scientists that will offer to link them up with a mature Christian scientist in their location to guide and encourage them.

We also wish to provide bursaries for students and early career scientists to attend appropriate workshops and conferences that will provide in depth teaching and training on science and faith. Further details can be found here.

All of these activities need to be funded, and as our work expands so will the costs. Indeed we now find it necessary to employ an Executive Officer to peform the increasing number of administrative tasks as well as a Development Officer to facilitate the new project. In the first instance we can cover most of the increased costs from the new grant, but longer term our increased expenditure will need to be funded by subscriptions and donations from our membership and others who catch a vision for the importance of the work we are seeking to do.

How can you give?

There are several ways you can contribute financially to the ongoing work of CiS:

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Thank you!

Professor Andrew Halestrap, CiS Chairman, on behalf of the CiS committee