Worcester – Re-engineering Man: Human Enhancement


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Lindisfarne House
4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester, WR1 3JS
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On Tuesday 17th February  2015 Rev Dr Justin Tomkins (Curate, SML Church, Poole) will join the Worcester group to speak on ‘Re-engineering Man – Human Enhancement’

What  does it mean to be fully human and fully alive in the context of modern changes in science, medicine and technology? Did Hollywood’s six million dollar man, Robocop or the Terminator ever stimulate this question for you? Justin Tomkins will explore the thought-provoking subject of Human Enhancement, the concept of using science, medicine and technology not just to make sick people well, but to make already healthy people ‘better’. Drawing upon his book ‘Better People or Enhanced Humans?’ he will offer ideas for how Christian theology can be used to engage with this rapidly developing area of scientific ethics.

All Bible and Science Worcester meetings start at 8:00 pm on 3rd Tuesday of each month at Lindisfarne House, 4 Barbourne Terrace, Worcester, WR1 3JS