Norwich – How can science fit with miracles?


7:30 am - 9:00 am


Norwich Cathedral
Tombland, Norwich
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Speaker: Professor Sir Colin Humphreys FRS

14th Annual Science-Faith Cathedral Lecture 2022

How can science fit with miracles?

Starts: 7.30

Location: Norwich Cathedral Nave

Miracles play a powerful role in Christianity: but how should we interpret them? In an age that claims to be one of scientific rationalism can we continue to accept miracles? Did the River Jordan really stop flowing so that the ancient Israelites could walk across and enter the land of Canaan (the Holy Land)? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Both these miracles have been pivotal in human history. But how can a scientist believe in miracles? Professor Humphreys insists we should be sceptical about all potentially miraculous events, but he also believes that both events really happened. Come along and find out why!

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