Leeds – Creation Care: Gospel Mandate or Irritating Irrelevance?


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


South Parade Baptist Church
Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3LF
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Speaker Professor Sam Berry, Biology Department, University College London.

South Parade Baptist Church, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3LF. Opposite entrance to Test Cricket and Rugby League Ground.

J. (Sam) Berry, DSc, FRSE, was Professor of Genetics at University College London 1974-2000. He is a former President of the Linnean Society, the British Ecological Society, and Christians in Science. He received the 1996 Templeton UK Award for his “sustained advocacy of the Christian faith in the world of science”. He is a Gifford Lecturer (Glasgow 1997-8) and has written a number of books, including God and Evolution, God and the Biologist, and God’s Book of Works; he edited three books published in 2009 – Real Scientists, Real Faith; Darwin, Creation and the Fall; and (jointly with Professor Michael Northcott of New College) Theology After Darwin.