Evolution and Scripture


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Norwich Cathedral
Tombland, Norwich
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The Revd Dr Ernest Lucas (Bristol Baptist College and Spurgeon’s College, London)

Norwich Cathedral Nave – Tickets (£5 each) can be booked via the online booking system on the Cathedral website.

Displaying the Natural History Museum’s Diplodocus skeleton in Norwich Cathedral Nave as the focus of the “Dippy on Tour” exhibition, invites questions such as: “How should we relate what we read in the Bible to current scientific knowledge?” “Is the process of evolution compatible with creation by God?” “Were the dinosaurs created by God or by evolution – or both?” Since Darwin published his theory, many Christian scholars have argued the compatibility and complementarity of Scripture and evolutionary science. However, if evolution explains human origin how then do we understand biblical teaching that humans are created in the image and likeness of God? St. Paul writes that death came into the world through one man’s, Adam’s, disobedience. What did he mean and how does this fit with the death of dinosaurs (and other now extinct species) before humans appeared on earth?

The appearance of Dippy the dinosaur in the cathedral leads us to ask some interesting and profound questions! In his talk, Ernest Lucas will explore such questions from a Biblical perspective. He holds doctorates in both chemistry and theology, so is well qualified to speak from the joint perspectives of science and faith.