Online: Dying well – palliative care and the coronavirus pandemic


7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Prof John Wyatt (UCL and Faraday Institute for Science and Religion)

ZOOM talk and discussion. For the link to the meeting contact

The catastrophic impact of Covid-19 has transformed human societies across the world. Its impact has been most brutal at life’s ending and we have had to endure digital goodbyes, solitary grieving and funerals with a handful of masked mourners unable to physically comfort one another.

The pandemic has created unimaginable challenges for doctors, nurses, carers and many other front-line workers who have been forced to deal with life and death issues far beyond their normal experience. They have had to fight the virus and its effects with limited time, knowledge and resources. And in doing so, they have often put at risk both their lives and those of their families. In these physically intense and emotionally bewildering times, what are the ethical guidelines for palliative care?

Professor John Wyatt will explore the ethical interface between medical science and Christian faith, with particular reference to the coronavirus pandemic. His talk will be suitable for a non-specialist audience and there will be an opportunity for some on-line discussion.