Bristol – “Faith and Wisdom in Science”


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Professor Tom McLeish FRS

Prof Tom McLeish will discuss themes from his recently published book Faith and Wisdom itom-mcleishn Science (Oxford University Press, 2014). In this book, Tom takes a scientist’s reading of the Old Testament’s Book of Job and uses this ancient text as a centrepiece to make the case for science as a deeply human and ancient activity, embedded in some of the oldest stories told about the human desire to understand the natural world. Drawing on stories from the modern science of chaos and uncertainty, alongside medieval, patristic, classical and Biblical sources, Faith and Wisdom in Science challenges much of the current “science and religion” debate as operating with the wrong assumptions and in the wrong space. There are immediate consequences for how we treat science in government, the media, education and in churches.

Alma Church, 29 Alma Rd, Bristol BS8 2ES.  No need to book – just turn up. Refreshments provided including homemade cake and tea. No entrance charge, but opportunity to give donation, suggested £4, to cover costs.Alma Church, 29 Alma Rd, Bristol BS8 2ES


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