Bristol – What can neuroscience tell us about free will?


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Alma Church Hall
29 Alma Road, Bristol, BS8 2ES
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The Bristol group will be hosting Dr Stuart Judge (Oxford) for an evening discussing ‘What can neuroscience tell us about free will?’

Free will is a vexed issue for philosophers and scientists alike and there is still no consensus on this question even in the 21st century.  Can we make freely willed decisions? Are brain processes determining our choices in a way that still leaves us responsible? Recently it has been claimed that the disputes have been settled in favour of free will being an illusion.  How convincing is the story, and what do neuroscientists actually know about what goes on in our brains as we make decisions?

Dr Stuart Judge taught and researched in neuroscience at the University of Oxford for over twenty-five years.

Manchester Stuart Judge

He contributes to the Developing a Christian Mind course in Oxford, is an Associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, and a former committee member of Christians in Science.  He has spoken on issues on the interplay between science and faith in Hungary, India, The Philippines, and in churches and universities in the UK.  

No compulsory entrance charge, but suggested donation £4 to cover costs

Any queries, contact Dr Christina Biggs (

As ever, tea, coffee and homemade cake provided!