Student Conference 2018

Science and Faith: the view Up, In and Out

The 2018 Student Conference focussed on how being Christians and scientists shapes the way we think, work, speak and worship.

You can now listen to the talks from the day online:

Prof Ard Louis –  Why are we here? (mp3)

Prof John Bryant – Looking Up (mp3), Looking Up (PPT) 

Student Contributions
Ellie Morgenroth – student talk  (mp3)StudentConference (PPT)
Raphael Sikorski – student talk (AI) AI (PPT)

Hannah Malcolm – Intro to God and the Big Bang (mp3) CiS GATBB Presentation (PPT)

Dr Ruth Bancewicz – Awe and WonderAwe and Wonder (mp3)

Dr Jona Foster – Reigniting the Chemistry between Science and Faith (mp3) , Jona (PPT)