Student 2016

Student Conference 2016
Science and Society: Science and Faith in Action

The 2016 Student Conference was held on Saturday 20th February 2016, at St Luke’s Church Centre, Birmingham, B15 2AT.

We had an excellent time together at the student conference, looking at how science and faith interact in an active and purposeful way that benefits society. You can listen back to all the talks (except Mike’s, sadly), below. All talks and resources are also available on the CiS app.


Audio (mp3, 41.6MB):Genetic Modification
Presentation (ppt, 478KB): Science in Society – GM
Presentation (pdf, 522KB): Science in Society – GM


Audio (mp3, 33.6MB):Public Health
Presentation (ppt, 10.8MB): Health Inequalities and Christianity
Presentation (pdf, 2.01MB): Health Inequalities and Christianity


Audio (mp3, 8.98MB):Giving what we can
Presentation (ppt, 1.89MB): Giving What We Can
Presentation (pdf, 624KB): Giving What We Can


Audio (mp3, 24.2MB): Astrotheology
Presentation (ppt, 1.56MB): Astrotheology
Presentation (pdf, 1.36MB): Astrotheology

Audio (mp3, 8.11MB): Science and Faith in the Life of a Believer
Presentation (ppt, 497KB): Science and Faith in the Life of a Believer
Presentation (pdf, 939KB): Science and Faith in the Life of a Believer

Emily Sturgess – CiS Update

What is the ‘new project’ that CiS are working on at the moment? Emily. the CiS Development Officer, gives an update of all the student-related activities happening in the world of CiS, while looking forward to where CiS is going in the next few years. There are lots of opportunities to get involved at every level!

Audio (mp3, 13.6MB): CiS Update
Presentation (ppt, 6.14MB): Christians in Science Update
Presentation (pdf, 1.21MB): Christians in Science Update


Audio: Unfortunately, due to a technical error, Mike’s talk was not recorded. To get a sense of some of the things Mike was talking about, why not read his recent article in God & Nature:
Presentation (ppt, 24.9MB): Sustainable Engineering
Presentation (pdf, 5.04MB): Sustainable Engineering


Audio (mp3, 40.8MB): Being Human

Discussion questions from the end of the day are available here: Discussion Qs