Student 2014

Mind and Matter

The 2014 Student conference focussed on issues of Mind and Matter – also looking at what it is to be human, theodicy, how we get our work-life balance right, and why we should bother not to compartmentalise our thinking.


Mind, Brain, and the search for God

Rev Dr Alasdair Coles, Academic Neurologist, University of Cambridge
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Considering Matter

Dr Ard Louis, Reader in Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
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Life as a Research Scientist: Working to Live or Living to Work

Dr Nick Higgs, Marine Biologist, University of Plymouth
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Homo not so sapiens: the public myth-understanding of humanism

Chris Oldfield, lecturer in science and religion, University of Roehampton
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Earthquakes and Evil

Tim Middleton, PhD student in Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
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Student Presentation: Natural Theology in the age of Particle Physics

Francesca Day, PhD student in Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
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Should we mind, and does it matter?

Dr Rhoda Hawkins, lecturer in Physics, University of Sheffield
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