Southern 2014

Anniversary Conference: Celebrating 70 years of Christians in Science

A Christians in Science Day Conference

Saturday 1st November 2014

At The King’s Centre, Oxford.

To celebrate 70 years since Oliver Barclay organised the first conference of the Research Scientists Christian Fellowship in 1944, we hosted an anniversary conference this year, in Oxford.

Speakers include:
Prof Malcolm Jeeves & Prof Sam Berry – CiS – Looking back and looking forward
Prof Alister McGrathScience and Apologetics
Prof Tom McLeishA Wisdom-approach to a Theology of Science
Dr Elaine StorkeyHuman Identity and Creation Responsibilities
Bishop Richard Cheetham – Epilogue

Abstracts are available here: Collated abstracts

Two of the four workshops were recorded successfully:

Prof John Bryant  – Science and Faith communication:Writing
Rev Dr Rodney Holder  – Science and Faith communication: Reading and reviewing
Dr Pete Moore –  Science and Faith communication: Engaging students and young people
Dr Ruth Bancewicz  – Creativity:Creative flourishing in Academia and Beyond

Workshop abstracts available here: Conference Workshops

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