Residential 2012

Science and Christian Faith in 2012 An Enduring Partnership.

A four day residential conference at Queens’ College Cambridge on the 13th – 16th July 2012

A copy of the conference booklet can be downloaded here (pdf, 93.6 KB)
A conference report was included in PreCiS 62

Plenary sessions:

Opening Lecture: Science and the Christian faith: seeing the big picture
History of Science and Religion – Perspective and Prospective
Creation Care
Ethical Challenges
Using Science for the Benefit of Others
Computers and Artificial Intelligence
Astronomy and Cosmology

Scroll down for recordings of talks in each of these sessions


Science and the Christian faith: seeing the big picture

Professor Alister McGrath, King’s College London
Audio (mp3 10.2MB)

Plenary Session 1: History of Science and Religion – Perspective and Prospective

Science and religion in history: overviews and underviews

Professor John Hedley Brooke, Oxford University

The reception of Darwinism in the nineteenth century Britain and US

Professor Ed Larson, Pepperdine University
Audio (mp3 6.2MB)

Secular mythology about Christianity and science

Dr Allan Chapman, Oxford University
Audio (mp3 7.6MB)

How scientists view religion and ethics

Dr Elaine Howard Ecklund, Rice University
Audio (mp3 9.0MB)

Plenary Session 2: Neurosciences

Neuroscience and mental causation: do beliefs matter?

Professor William Newsome, Stanford University
Audio We’re very sorry, there was a problem with recording this session. However, this talk was very similar to a talk Prof Newsome gave at a CiS Central South meeting, a recording of which can be found here (MP3, 29MB)

Neuroscience and the soul

Dr Peter Clarke, Université de Lausanne

Studying the religious brain in neurological disease

Dr Alasdair Coles, University of Cambridge

Plenary Session 3: Creation Care

‘Be joyful though you have considered all the facts’: the Bible and creation care

Dr Jonathan Moo, Whitworth University
Audio (mp3 7.7MB)

Christians and bio-diversity: why theology matters to tree frogs

Rev Peter Harris, A Rocha International
Audio (mp3 6.0MB)

Are natural disasters acts of God?

Professor Bob White, University of Cambridge
Audio (mp3 6.9MB)

The non-political truth about climate change and a Christian response

Professor Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Technical University
Audio (mp3 7.2MB)

Plenary Session 4: Biology

A few evolutionary myths …

Professor Simon Conway Morris, University of Cambridge
Audio (mp3 7.8MB)

Genetics and human identity

Dr Denis Alexander, University of Cambridge
Audio (mp3 6.4MB)

Plenary Session 5: Ethical Challenges

Ethical issues raised by cognitive and moral bioenhancement

Professor Gareth Jones, University of Otago
Audio (mp3 7.5MB)

Dying well in a technological age

Professor John Wyatt, University College London
Audio (mp3 6.8MB)

Plenary Session 6: Using Science for the Benefit of Others

Science and the imagination

Dr Mike Clifford, University of Nottingham
Audio (mp3 7.8MB)

GM crops and food security

Professor John Bryant, University of Exeter
Audio (mp3 6.7MB)

GM crops: evaluating safety

Professor Joe Perry, University of Greenwich
Audio (mp3 7.4MB)

Plenary Session 7: Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Endowing computers with human capabilities: what next?

Professor Lionel Tarassenko, University of Oxford
Audio (mp3 7.7MB)

Computations of emotions in man and machines

Professor Peter Robinson, University of Cambridge
Audio (mp3 7.7MB)

Plenary Session 8: Astronomy and Cosmology

Astronomy and the truth of the Gospels: what happened at Easter?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, University of Cambridge
Audio (mp3 6.9MB)

God, the Big Bang, and the finely-tuned universe

Rev Dr Rodney Holder, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
Audio (mp3 7.5MB)

Habitable exoplanets: the implications for human significance

Dr Jennifer Wiseman, NASA
Audio (mp3 9.1MB)