Northern 2008

Can A Scientist Believe in Miracles

A CiS – St John’s College, Durham joint conference.
March 8th 2008, St John’s College Durham.

Can We Pray for Rain? How God Acts in the Physical World

Revd. John Polkinghorne, Queens’ College, Cambridge
Audio (mp3, 54.8 MB)

God’s Action: A Christian Reflection on the Old Testament

Prof. Walter Moberly, Department of Theology and Religion, Durham
Audio (mp3, 46.2 MB)

How Does God Interact with the Mind?

Clare Parkinson and Jona Foster, Durham University CiS
Audio (mp3, 25.4 MB), presentation and text

Miracle, Sign and Power in the New Testament

Dr. Mark Bonnington

Miracles: Scientific and Theological Perspectives

Mike Poole, KCL
Audio (mp3, 49.0 MB)

Mike’s abstract is here; he refers interested readers to his book, “User’s Guide to Science and Belief“.

Apologies that the sound quality is not great on some of these recordings. This is due to the very simple method of recording and editing the files. Improvements have been made for future conferences.