London 2009

Applying Science in a Suffering World – Agriculture, Medicine and Sustainable Technology.

A Christians in Science Day Conference, Saturday 31st October

Speaker profiles


A new covenant? Science and technology for the modern world

Prof. John Wood: Imperial College, Chair of the European Research Area Board
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Sustainable technology:  how to get down from a yak

Dr Mike Clifford: Faculty of Engineering, Nottingham University
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Agricultural progress for a suffering world

Prof. John Wibberley: Royal Agricultural College, RURCON Africa
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If Jesus were a medical scientist what would he be researching?

Prof. Chris Lavy: Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Oxford and London School of Tropical Medicine, works closely with Cure International
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Panel discussion

Chaired by Prof. Keith Fox: CiS Chair and Prof. of Biochemistry, Southampton University

Closing address

Dr Alan Storkey
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