London 2006

Mind, Machines and Majesty – The Boundaries of Humanity

A CiS London day conference, Saturday 4 November 2006
How do advances in neuroscience, genetics and embryology fit into our picture of being made in the image of God?

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What does it mean to be made in the Image of God?

Revd. Dr John Searle, co-author of “Life in Our Hands: a Christian perspective on Genetics and Cloning”
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Embryonic, Fetal and Post-natal Animal-Human Mixtures: An Ethical Discussion.

Dr Calum MacKellar, Director of Research, Scottish Council of Human Bioethics
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Boundaries between Homo Divinus and other primates

Dr Graeme Finlay, Cell Biologist, Auckland New Zealand
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Minds, Mechanisms and Made Free: the scientific study of human life, in gratitude to the Creator

Prof David Booth, Professor of Psychology, University of Birmingham
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Mechanism, Mind and Choice: On Neuroscience and Human Freedom

Prof Bill Newsome, Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University California
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Panel discussion

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Epilogue, Revd. Dr John Searle

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