London 2005

A Christian Framework for Sustainability

A CiS day conference
1st October 2005

The papers from this conference have been compiled as a book. Contents (pdf)


Theology of Sustainability

David Bookless, Director of A Rocha UK

Sustainability of the Non-human Creation

Prof Sir Ghillean Prance, The Eden Project

Sustainable economics

Professor Donald Hay, University of Oxford.

Consumption and Happiness

Professor Sir Brian Heap, former director of the Babraham Institute, Cambridge.

The Challenge of Sustainability (Climate Change and Energy)

Victoria Institute Presidential address
Sir John Houghton, CBE,FRS, President of the Victoria Institute

Discussion Groups

1.The Non-human Creation led by Ghillean Prance

2. Sustainable Economics led by Donald Hay

3. Sustainable Consumption led by Brian Heap

4. Sustainable Energy led by John Houghton

5. Theology of Sustainability led by David Bookless

6. Sustainable Agriculture led by John Wibberley

7. Sustainable Waste Management led by David Stafford

8. Sustainable Aid/Disaster Management led by a Marcus Oxley

Chairman’s Concluding Remarks


The Rev. Margot Hodson, Jesus College, Oxford


The Speakers

The Rev. David Bookless is Director of A Rocha UK.

Professor Donald Hay is Head of the Division of Social Science in the Department of Economics, University of Oxford.

Professor Sir Brian Heap, CBE FRS was until recently Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society and formerly director of the Babraham Institute, Cambridge.

Sir John Houghton, CBE,FRS, President of the Victoria Institute and former Director General of the Meteorological Office.

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance FRS VMH, President of CiS, is Science Director of the Eden Project.

Professor John Wibberley FRAgS, formerly Professor of Agriculture, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.

David Stafford is Chairman of EnviroControl Ltd and visiting Research Professor of West Virginia State University.

Marcus Oxley is Director of the Disaster Management Team in Tearfund.

The Rev. Margot Hodson is Chaplain of Jesus College Oxford.

Professor Derek Burke CBE, formerly Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia.