London 2004

Technologies of the Future

The Impact of Technology on Science, Society and Medicine

A joint Christians in Science – Christian Medical Fellowship day conference
Saturday, 2 October, 2004

Conference Report (pdf, 230 KB)


Andrew Briggs, Professor of Nanotechnology, Oxford University and Dr. Ross McKenzie, Physics Dept. University of Queensland, Sydney, Australia,


Philippa Taylor, Associate Director, Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy, (a group promoting Judaeo Christian values based in London)

Advances in Human Genetics

John Bryant, Professor of Molecular Genetics University of Exeter and Chairman of the Christians in Science Committee.

Stem cells

Dr. Phil Jones, Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, Cambridge University.

Intensive Care Technologies

Tim Maughan, Professor of Cancer Studies, University of Cardiff

A Theological Contribution

Dr. Robert Song, Dept. of Theology, University of Durham, author of Human Genetics – Fabricating the Future