Student Conference 2019

2019 Student Conference 

The Bible and Modern Science: honouring God’s word, exploring God’s works 

March 2019 – University of Sheffield


At Christians in Science, we believe that God reveals Himself to us through His divinely inspired written word, the Bible, and through His creation. Science is a gift from God that allows us even the tiniest glimpse into the splendour of His universe. Therefore, we are convinced that the Bible and science are not in conflict; they can both teach us about God and His creation in important and complementary ways.

We were joined at the 2019 student conference by four fantastic speakers:

  • Professor Sir Colin Humphreys – Can a scientist believe in Biblical miracles? 
  • Professor Tom McLeish – Biblical thinking through science as gift: the Book of Job and Paul’s long letters
  • Dr Bethany Sollereder – Reading Genesis through ancient eyes: creation in ancient near Eastern context 
  • Hannah Malcolm – The community of creation? Reading scripture in an age of climate chaos

Please click the links below to listen to all available talks:

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys – Can a scientist believe in miracles

Professor Tom McLeish – Biblical thinking through science as gift

Dr Bethany Sollereder – Reading Genesis through ancient eyes

Seth Hart – Student Speaker – An argument in favour of the historical Adam