Past conferences

Past Conferences

Almost every year since 1944 there has been an annual conference. This has usually been a one-day event, often held in London but occasionally elsewhere in England. A few of the conferences have been residential. A number of the conference papers have been subsequently published in the journal Science and Christian Belief, and some of these papers are now available as reprints (four digit numbers next to conference title prior to 1998).


Autumn Conference 2022 – Celebrating 100th anniversary of Donald M MacKay
The Clockwork Image – Humanity, Artificial Intelligence and God

Spring Conference 2022
Science, Faith and Public Engagement

No Connect Conference in 2022

Autumn Conference Oct 2021
The Climate Crisis: A Christian response

Online Spring Conference, May 2021
Digital Theology and the Church

Online Connect Conference, February 2021
Coping with Controversy

Online Conference, August 2020
God and Pandemics

Online Student Conference, March 2020
Being a Christian in a Science Career

Southern Conference, Nov 2019
Future Challenges for Christians in the Sciences 

Northern Conference, May 2019
“Stewards of creation: Christian perspectives on the environment”

Student Conference, March 2019
The Bible and Modern Science: Honouring God’s Word, Exploring God’s Works

Southern Conference, Nov 2018
Being Human in an Age of Machines

Student Conference, February 2018
Science and Faith: the view Up, In and Out

Southern Conference, Oct 2017
The Penultimate Curiosity: How science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions

Northern Conference, May 2017
Playing God? Research, Ethics and Practice in Modern Medicine

Student Conference, February 2017
A Theory of Everything – What are the chances?

Southern (Oxford), October 22nd 2016
Miracles – can a scientist believe in miracles?

Northern, April 16th 2016
Spreading the Good News of Science & Faith

Student, February 20th 2016
Science and Society: Science and Faith in Action

Southern (Oxford), October 24th 2015
The Problem of Suffering in the World

Northern, April 18th 2015
God Loves Science: Towards a Theology of the Scientific Enterprise

Student, February 21st 2015
“Big Questions, Big Picture”

Southern (Oxford), 1st November 2014
70th Anniversary Conference

Northern, 31st May 2014
Science, Christian Faith and the Public

Student, February 8th 2014
Mind and Matter

London, November 2nd 2013
Science, Education and Secularism

Northern, April 2013
From Particles to Patients: a Faith Perspective on Science

Student, March 2nd 2013
Science and Christianity: The View Inwards, Upwards and Outwards

Residential, July 13th – 16th 2012
Science and Christian Faith in 2012, An Enduring Partnership

Student, 4th Feb 2012
Questions of Science and Faith

London, 12th November 2011
The Bible and Modern Science

North, 19th March 2011
All God’s Creatures

Student, Nov 2010
Being a Christian in Science

London, 30th October 2010
Christian Roots of Modern Science

North, 20th March 2010
Giving an Answer – Living Faith in a World of Science

London, 31st October 2009
Applying Science in a Suffering World – Agriculture, Medicine and Sustainable Technology

North, 14th March 2009
What does it mean to be human?

London, 1st November 2008
Celebrating Darwin? Creation, Evolution and Theological Challenges

Durham, 8th March 2008
CiS/St. John’s College Joint Northern Conferece
Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles?

3rd November 2007, London
CiS Students & Graduates conference

Edinburgh, 2-5 August 2007
Joint CiS/ASA conference: New Frontiers in Science and Faith

Durham, 10 March 2007
Big Faith, Big Science – Big Issue: Communication

London, 4 November 2006
Mind, Machines and Majesty – The Boundaries of Humanity

Kent, 29 April 2006
Towards a Christian Framework for Education

Durham, 18 March 2006
Design and Purpose in the Universe

London 1 October 2005
A Christian Framework for Sustainability

Leeds 19 March 2005
He also made the Stars

London 2 October 2004
The Impact of Technology on Science, Society and Medicine

Sheffield 13 March 2004
Christians and Computers

London 4 October 2003
God, Science and Freedom

Sheffield 17 May 2003

London 28 September 2002
How does God Act in the world?

London 29 September 2001
Can we be sure about anything?

London 7 October 2000
Time, eternity and the cosmos

London 25 September 1999
Bioethics and the new biology

Cambridge 2-5 August 1998
arranged jointly with the American Scientific Affiliation
Science and Christianity: into the new millennium

London 27 September 1997
The public understanding of science and religion

Birmingham 5 October 1996
Design in nature?

London 30 September 1995
Human identity in a fragmented world

Birmingham 8 October 1994
Chance, providence and free will

York 3 April 1993
Evangelicals, culture and science

London 2 October 1993
Creation and evolution
9413, 9512

London 3 October 1992
Genetic engineering

London 28 September 1991
Science, Christianity and the New Age Movement
9211, 9213

London 29 September 1990
The effects of the fall

London 30 September 1989
The environment: Christian perspectives

London 1 October 1988
Chance and purpose: does God play dice?
8913, 8923, 8924

London 26 September 1987
Popular images of science

London 27 September 1986
The ethics of animal use

Oxford 26-29 July 1985
Christian faith and science in society

London 29 September 1984

London 24 September 1983
The freedom and limits of science

London 25 September 1982
The current state of the science and religion discussion

London 26 September 1981
Aims and value of science and technology

London 25? September 1980
Animals and man: continuity and difference

London 29 September 1979
The limits of science

London 30 September 1978
Ethical issues in the professional life of the scientist

London 24 September 1977
The ultimate freedom

London 25 September 1976
Progress and human engineering

London 27 September 1975
In defence of science

London 28 September 1974

London 29 September 1973
The scope and limits of apologetics

London ? 30 September 1972
The abuse of the environment

London 25 September 1971
Science and the Bible

London 26 September 1970
What difference does it make to a scientist if he is a Christian?

London 27 September 1969
Science and ethics

London 28 September 1968
Christian and humanist views of man and of human progress

London 23 September 1967
Natural theology today

London 24 September 1966
Human knowledge: models and reality

London 25? September 1965
Population, world food problems and the exploitation of nature

London 26 September 1964
Indeterminacy and natural law

London ? ? 1963
Heredity, environment and human responsibility

London 22 September 1962
The moral responsibilities of the scientist

London 23 September 1961
The influence of science on the Christian

London 24 September 1960
The Christian view of the practice of science

London 26 September 1959

? London ? 1958

London ? 1957
When and in what sense does the Bible speak scientifically?

London 29 September 1956
And behold it was very good

London ?24 September 1955
Methods of commending the gospel

? ? 1954
Nature and supernature

London 26 September 1953
Science and religion through the centuries

? ? 1952
Teaching science

London September 28-30 1951
What is man?

Birmingham 23 September 1950
Natural theology: its place and value today

London 24-25 September 1949
The scientific method

London 25-26 September 1948
A Christian view of nature

London 29 August 29-1 September 1947
Science, Christianity and ethics

Cambridge 31 August – 3 September 1945
Evolution and cognate problems

London 21 -24 April 1944
Science and Christianity