CiS Standard membership

CiS Standard membership


CiS members agree to sign the Statement of Faith

CiS subscription rates 2020 – Standard annual subscription worldwide: £48


  • Online access to Science and Christian Belief journal at
  • Monthly CiS Update – emailed
  • PréCiS – Online quarterly newsletter click here – Paper copies mailed to UK only.

Joint membership (standard rate members only)

Two people sharing the same home mailing address can apply for joint membership, paying a single subscription and sharing one copy of mailed items.  This allows both members to benefit from CiS concessions such as reduced conference fees.  E-mail communications will be sent to a single e-mail address, for one member to forward to the other if necessary. Please contact the membership secretary ( to add name of second person.

Join CIS onlineOur preferred method of payment is by Standing Order – please arrange with our   membership secretary. Payments can also be made through Paypal but just a reminder we do pay a fee for this option.