CiS Affiliation for Churches

Church Affiliation with Christians in Science


Our world is permeated with a materialist world-view that many people wrongly assume has been “proved by science.” At Christians in Science we aim to counter the belief that science and faith are in conflict. We believe it is important for churches to hold a strongly positive view of science as a gift from God. We provide resources to enhance faith and worship within the church and to assist it in its outreach to the world. Affiliation with CiS signals a church’s support for, and sympathy with, the aims of Christians in Science. We can be your church’s partner in mission.

Affiliated churches enjoy the following benefits;

  • Regular communications from CiS on national and local events including monthly updates
  • A quarterly newsletter including prayer topics that may be copied into a church prayer bulletin
  • Access to a range of resources on science and faith issues
  • Advice regarding online materials on science and faith, identifying reliable science sources
  • Guidance and advice on special science-based events for churches, children’s and youth groups, men’s and women’s groups etc.
  • Access to a list of highly qualified and distinguished speakers on science and faith
  • An annual report on CiS activities could be provided to the church

When a church becomes Affiliated with CiS we will send it a Welcome Pack containing samples of our literature and resources. These materials will include leaflets aimed at young people going to university or college to study science, and guides, written by experts, on science and faith questions such as miracles, creation and evolution, ethical problems etc.

We recommend that the Affiliated Church appoints a representative to act as a point of contact with CiS. This person may an individual Member or Friend of CiS but this is not essential. We think it’s also a good idea to have an additional person from the church leadership involved who may not be scientifically inclined but who recognises the importance of science to the church’s life and worship.

An Affiliated Church will be encouraged to support the work of CiS by prayer and a regular financial donation proportionate to the size of its congregation taking into account its commitments to other mission activity.

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