Prayer pointers

  • Man with control panelIf you have not done so recently, you might like to spend some time asking the Lord to confirm that what you are currently doing is what Jesus wants you to be doing. If not ask the Lord what direction He wants you to take.
  • Let us support each other in prayer that each of us, whether studying, in work, looking for work, or retired will use the time and talents that God has given us to serve others and to further His Kingdom.
  • Let us pray for those who feel that they are not making best use of their time and talents, that God would show them the value of what they are doing now, or maybe for the future, or help them to make the changes that God wants them to make.
  • Let us support in prayer those who find them selves in difficult situations – with customers / clients, suppliers, managers, subordinates, lecturers, students and so on, and especially for those who find themselves surrounded by those who are hostile to Jesus and His message.
  • Let us thank the Lord for the friends, colleagues and relatives he has given us, and to help to share Jesus with them in fellowship or witness.
  • We live in a world with an ever expanding population, finite natural resources that we are using up, and one in which the climate is changing (whatever the causes past and present). Let us all pray for engineers in many different countries who are trying to find good solutions to all these issues we face.

Christian in Engineering aims to promote fellowship, sharing of experiences and to encourage each other as we seek to walk with God in all aspects of our daily lives. Please pray for all the members and especially for the Committee. Ask God to provide the resources and inspiration for this organisation to grow and improve the way we serve our members and the wider community.