Builder DesignerThis is the booklet for student engineers.

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  • Why This Booklet?
  • An Engineer’s Attitude to the Gospel – John Baden Fuller
  • Into the Big Wide World – M.A.W. Harford
  • A Christian Engineer in Manufacturing Industry – Richard Riggs
  • Christians at Work: An Introduction
  • Witness at Work: Why am I doing this? – David Elliman
  • Miracles and Metal – David Elliman
  • A View of the Defence World – Nick Stroud
  • Sharing Christ in Word and Action – Peter Millais
  • How can you be a Christian and an Engineer? – Peter Millais and Jenny Taylor
  • Christians in Civil Engineering Overseas – Peter Stern
  • After College – Simon Wigglesworth
  • ‘Now to Him…’ – An Engineering Career: How God has Guided – John Baden Fuller