Christians in Engineering

Christians in Engineering montage

As Christians and professional engineers in diverse and complex fields of industry, commerce, research and society, a forum for informed Christian reflection on a range of questions and problems can be hugely valuable.

Christians in Engineering aims to:

  • link Christians in the engineering professions;
  • help you maintain a consistent Christian stance in your work;
  • enable you to develop a thought-out Christian approach to professional and ethical issues;
  • encourage you to exert a Christian influence in our profession;
  • support and encourage Christians who are entering our profession; and
  • provide insight into engineering-related missionary work.


We seek to develop our activities so as to enable us to draw closer to achieving our aims. This requires an active membership who are willing to give energy, enthusiasm, time and prayer to such activities. We have produced newsletters containing articles, news and reviews relevant to our membership. Many of these are written by the members – we would welcome more!

We are a fairly new group and so we are still feeling our way forward. By joining us, you can be a part of the Christian witness to the engineering community.