Church Affiliation – Letter from CiS Chair, Prof Paul Ewart

Church Affiliation

Dear CiS Member or Friend,

The secret of good comedy is … good timing! Sometimes however, in spite of the best laid plans, unexpected events happen to turn good timing into bad. The ups and downs of the pandemic, with the changing restrictions on social gatherings, have limited our opportunities to meet colleagues and friends and to extend to them a personal invitation to join CiS. Thus our recent drive to widen our membership base has met with unexpected difficulty. However, it is also true that difficulties in one area can create opportunities elsewhere.

A very important element of our strategy is to encourage local churches to become affiliated with CiS as a partner in mission. If every CiS member could persuade their home church to Affiliate with CiS it would make an enormous impact. Therefore, I urge every member to ask their church to consider affiliation. As a first step, a copy of the CiS leaflet can be given to the church leadership for information. We have also produced a short promotional video on Church Affiliation and this is ideal for presenting the idea to your church which can be viewed HERE. Access to the video can be gained also via the CiS website or the CiS YouTube channel. The video is easily incorporated into a livestream or other online church service. We recommend that you offer this to your minister or pastor as a way of informing the congregation about CiS and its potential to aid the church in its ministry and outreach.

Local groups can be particularly effective in encouraging local churches to become affiliated. Why don’t you get together and plan your approaches to your churches? It may be even more effective if there is more than one CiS member or Friend in your church and you can work together to make Affiliation a significant part of our future. We already have many resources available to offer the church and more are being developed thanks to our hard-working Development Officer, Steph Bevan. Do contact Steph if you would like advice or assistance with online activity.
Increasing our individual membership remains important to our future. So I encourage everyone to invite colleagues, or others who may be interested, to become a Member or Friend of CiS. Perhaps you could send them an invitation with a pdf copy of the new CiS leaflet. You can download the pdf HERE.

The times may be difficult, but with God’s help through our prayers and actions in our churches, we can make the most of the opportunities that arise.

God bless,
Paul Ewart