Books published by CiS Members – 2021

Books published by CiS Members – 2021

Books published this year by CiS members:-

Ramified Natural Theology in Science and Religion: Moving on from Natural Theology

Author: Rodney Holder

Purchase from: The Faraday Institute on-line shop

Cost: £84

Content: In like manner to arguments of natural theology for the existence of God, reason and evidence are used in ramified natural theology to argue for the truth of specifically Christian claims.


Why is there Suffering? Pick Your Own Theological Expedition

Author: Dr Bethany Sollereder

Purchase from: Blackwells or order through your local Christian book shop

Cost: about £11.00

Content: Explores the tangled theology of suffering through a light-hearted, self-guided exploration through multiple choices. The reader is asked to make a theological decision every few pages and is directed to the next appropriate step of their theological journey.


John Stott on Creation Care

Author: By R. J. (Sam) Berry, Laura Yoder

Purchase from: IVP books

Cost: £14.99

Content: Discover John Stott’s writings on creation care, brought together for the first time in this definitive collection for the global church. This brilliant anthology demonstrates both Stott’s passion for the environment and its place in Christian discipleship.


Of Popes and Unicorns

Author: David Hutchings and James C. Ungureanu

Purchase from: Oxford University Press

Cost: £25.99

Content: Science, Christianity, and How the Conflict Thesis Fooled the World. This is the story of John Draper, Andrew White, and the conflict thesis: a centuries-old misconception that religion and science are at odds with one another.


Wonders of the Living World: Curiosity, awe, and the meaning of life

Author: Ruth M Bancewicz, illustrated by Danny Allison

Purchase from:

Cost: £11

Content: Accompanied by videos, articles, sessions for adult small groups and school lesson plans, at


Human Flourishing

Author: Andrew Briggs and Michael J. Reiss

Purchase from: Oxford University Press

Cost: £25

Content: An examination of what is meant by human flourishing and what it has to offer for those seeking truth, meaning and purpose in their lives. Balances spiritual and scientific wisdom to provide insights into areas such as relationships, financial stability, religion, technology and work-life balance. Takes a novel approach which draws on evidence from psychology, sociology, philosophy and theology, among others.