What we do

CiS is a network of people providing support and resources for Christians in the sciences and for churches in their mission, encouraging informed debate on science-faith issues and Christian concern for the environment.


A core activity of CiS is to stimulate and encourage serious academic study of issues relating science and faith by means of a peer-reviewed journal, Science & Christian Belief, published biannually. The journal is available to members or subscribers and online at We also provide resources such as pamphlets on various science-faith topics, accessible to non-scientists, and materials for students and teachers in the sciences. Further resources including recorded talks, topical vlogs and the CiS YouTube Channel can be found on our website, .


We hold two conferences on a Science/Faith theme each year in the south of England and in the north of England or Scotland, as well as an annual student conference. Every ten years or so, we have a joint conference with our sister organization, the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).

Churches and Local Groups

There are also local groups around the UK and Ireland which provide meetings for members and others, organizing public lectures, talks in local churches, study and prayer groups. Our Development Officer ( can help you to establish such a group, and suggest speakers on particular themes. We have internationally recognised speakers and local experts to help congregations appreciate the compatibility of science and biblical faith, and to assist churches in outreach activities.