Literature and resources

The journal Science and Christian Belief is sent to all members in April and October each year. It can also be accessed online at A newsletter (PreCiS) is sent several times during the year and includes articles and information about forthcoming events, conferences, and publications. Many articles and other resources are available on this website.


The CiS annual day conference is held each autumn, often in London or Oxford. A Northern day conference has been held in early spring since 2003. A student conference also happens annually (in various locations), usually early in the year.

A joint conference with our US sister organisation the American Scientific Affiliation, was held in Edinburgh in 2007; and a conference joint with ASA and the Canadian organisation CSCA was held in Canada during Summer 2014. One activity of local groups can be to organise a conference in their area. More information about previous and upcoming conferences can be found here.

Fellowship and support

We encourage the formation of local groups. If there is no group in your area, and you would like to help set one up, an initial bursary can be provided to help with running costs and activities.

Speakers and events

CiS can assist with the organisation of science – faith events for churches, CUs and other groups.  We have a list of speakers from around the UK that we can recommend and can provide literature and perhaps help with publicity.  Contact the Development Officer for more information – see contact page for details.