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We need YOU!!!! – Volunteer list

As an organisation CiS needs volunteers to help it operate and to fulfil our calling. We need some immediate volunteers for a few tasks and…

CiS Update – November 2023

Welcome to the November issue of the CiS Update. We have:- List of books by CiS members Events happening around the UK and overseas. List…

Latest PréCiS – Autumn 2023

Issue no. 109 Interview with Dr Nathan R. James - Winner of the 2023 Oliver Barclay lecture Spring Conference Talks and CiS Local Groups We hope…

Blog 2nd May 2023 – The first……. And the last? By Mary Browett

While CiS appointed a Development Officer many years ago, I was the first ever CiS Executive Officer. (Appointed back in 2015.) At that time CiS…

Blog 20th April 2023 – From head to heart: Christianity and climate change by Cara Parrett

Join Cara Parrett, a Christian conservationist, on her journey of facing climate change and wrestling with the questions it raises. I was born, raised and…

Blog 4th April 2023 – Editing the human genome by Dr Christopher P. Wild

To assist our members and the general public, CiS is listing new blogs regularly on different science topics. Disclaimer: We will be asking top scientists…

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