Christians in Science grew out of UCCF as a professional group a number of years ago, and student work remains very close to our hearts. Equipping Christian students to deal with questions of science and faith is a key part of our student ministry, and we aim to provide a supportive and encouraging network for science students as they grow and develop in their Christian faith.


CiS membership is open to scientists and non-scientists with an interest in the science – faith discussion. We offer free membership to students for a year, after which point student membership is heavily subsidised and costs only £6 per year.

Student membership gets you online access to our journal, Science and Christian Belief and our newsletter, PréCiS, together with monthly e-mail updates about happenings in the science – faith world.  Student members also get free registration for their first CiS day conference, student discounts on all other CiS conferences and can apply for travel bursaries to assist with the cost of getting to and from CiS events.

See our Membership page for more information or to sign up.


CiS organises a number of conferences throughout the year, including an annual student conference.  As mentioned above, students get discounts on all of our conferences and can apply for travel bursaries to help with transportation costs.

Conferences provide excellent opportunities to meet and network with other Christians in science at varying stages of their careers and we really encourage our student members to come along and get involved.

For details about our up-coming conferences, check out our Conferences page.


We have a huge selection of resources about different aspects of the science – faith discussion on this website, some of which have been written especially with students in mind.  Check out our student resources page here.

Essay Competition

The 2014 CiS student essay competition has now closed, and we are pleased to announce the winning entries were Paul Roberts, “How does God interact with the world?” (1st Prize), and Anna Pearson, “Science as a Christian Vocation” (2nd Prize).student essay concept

The 1st and 2nd place essays from our Summer 2011-2014 competitions can be viewed below.  As well as having their essays published, our winners and runners-up also won £200 and £100 worth of Amazon vouchers, respectively.

Local Groups

It’s difficult to feel part of a supportive network if you only meet others at conferences once or twice per year, and so CiS runs a number of local groups around the UK which meet together more frequently. Most of our local groups are based in university towns and provide an opportunity for those interested in science and faith to gather regularly for fellowship, lectures, discussions and debates.

To find out if there is a local group near your campus, check out our Local Groups page. If there isn’t a group where you are and you’d like to start one, contact the Development Officer who will help you get started.

Help organising science – faith events

If you, your CU or other church or campus-based group would like to put on a science – faith event, CiS would be very happy to help out.  We can put you in touch with excellent speakers on a wide variety of topics and can provide resources for the evening and suggestions for follow-up.

Contact the Development Officer, Emily Sturgess, if you would like further details.