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Science, Christianity and Atheism

General Responses


  • ‘New Atheism – New Apologetics: The Use of Science in Recent Christian Apologetic Writings’ – Boyle lecture given by Prof. Alister McGrath. 22nd January, 2014.
    Video of lecture (youtube link), Transcript (weblink)
  • ‘God’s Undertaker – has science buried God?’ lecture by Dr John Lennox, given at the CiS Central South local group – 28th April 2008.
    Audio of lecture (MP3, 21.3MB)Video of lecture (MP4, 160MB)
  • ‘A sceptics guide to atheism – God is not dead’ book launch by Peter S. Williams at the CiS Central South local group, 10th March 2009
    Download recording of talk (MP3, 11MB)
  • The Spell of the Meme, by Prof. Alister McGrath. A speech given at the Royal Society of Arts on Monday 13 March 2006, in response to Professor Daniel Dennett’s book “Breaking the Spell”.
    Transcript of the lecture (pdf 132 MB)
  • A number of video discussions and debates between Christians and non-Christians can be found on atheistdebate.org including a discussion between Alister McGrath and Peter Atkins entitled Darwin and humanity: Should we rid the mind of God?.


Responses to Stephen Hawking:


  • Hawking, Dawkins & the Matrix, Revd Dr David Wilkinson, Part of the CiS-St. Edmunds Cambridge Lecture Series
    Transcript of Lecture
  • Creation: A Response to Stephen Hawking, Revd Dr Ernest Lucas (Bristol Baptist College) writing for the Evangelical Alliance.
  • Stephen Hawking, God and the Role of Science, Alister McGrath, writing for Religion and Ethics


Responses to Richard Dawkins:





Mike Poole and Richard Dawkins discussion in Science & Christian Belief