Revised CiS subscription from 1 January 2014

The basic CiS membership subscription has been held at £30 for the best part of a decade but costs, especially postage costs, have risen substantially during those years.  The CiS committee therefore agreed that it was necessary to introduce the following revised subscription pattern, from 1 January 2014.  

Basic online subscription – worldwide


New basic (online journal) rates:

  • Standard membership (full, associate, joint): £36
  • Graduate membership (first two years after first or post-grad degree): £16
  • Full-time student membership: £6
  • Free student membership: available for one year, for all Christian students studying science or with an interest in science (school or post/undergraduate university students engaged in full-time study). Online journals and newsletters only.

To receive mailed paper copies of the journal (airmailed outside Europe) and including printed copies of PréCiS worldwide, add:

  • UK £4
  • Europe £10
  • Rest of World £14

NB.  All members who have paid to receive printed copies of the journal will also have online access to the journal website, if requested, at no extra cost.

5-year membership (standard rate members only)

Pay for 5 years in advance at 5 times the chosen subscription, for convenience and to safeguard against subscription increases in those 5 years.

Joint membership (standard rate members only)

Two people sharing the same mailing address can apply for joint membership, paying a single subscription.  This allows both members to benefit from CiS concessions such as reduced conference fees.  E-mail communications will be sent to a single e-mail address, for one member to forward to the other if necessary.


From April 2014, it will be possible for membership renewals to be made online via PayPal on the CiS website, as an alternative to the procedures that are already in place for renewal using mail and email communication.

The faithful and generous support of CiS members, many of whom have added extra donations to their subscriptions, has been a great encouragement for the development of the work and ministry of CiS, and is much appreciated.

To join:

Click here to join CIS online. Payments can be made either through Paypal or sending a cheque to the membership secretary.


If you would rather not join online, please contact the membership secretary (membership@cis.org.uk) who will send you a paper application form.

Change of address/email?

Login with your user number and password to view your contact details. If you have difficulty accessing your details, or do not know your password, please contact membership secretary (membership@cis.org.uk).

Membership renewals

In early 2014, all members will receive a renewal form by post. If you are not sure if you have renewed your membership, or have mislaid your form, contact Fran Armitage for a renewal form.

From 1 April 2014, it will be possible to renew your membership online using your user number and password.

Membership Secretary

Mrs Fran Armitage
36A Tutbury Avenue

e-mail membership@cis.org.uk