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Upcoming lecture

"Can Science Explain Away God?"

Dr. David Glass
(Explaining and Explaining Away & University of Ulster)

The Hub Belfast
22 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast
7.30 pm on Tuesday 3 February 2015

David Glass is a lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematics at Ulster University and has published widely in the fields of computer science, physics and philosophy. He is the author of Atheism’s New Clothes, which is a response to the New Atheism, and is also a contributor to the website

Abstract. There is no good reason to think that there is a necessary conflict between science and the existence of God, but is there still some way in which science might support atheism? One approach is to say that while science does not disprove God’s existence, it can still undermine it via ‘explaining away’. This strategy appeals to Ockham’s razor to argue that there is no need for two explanations (God and science) to account for the world around us when one (science) will do. This talk considers some recent versions of this argument and responds to them by considering the nature of ‘explaining away’ and different ways in which scientific and theistic explanations might be related.

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